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Running beatmania IIDX infinitas (2020) with ASIO audio mode

Table of contents
  1. Prerequisite hardware
    1. What ASIO devices are supported?
  2. !!! Warning !!!
  3. Instructions
  4. References

Prerequisite hardware

ASIO-compatible audio output device. While Asus Xonar AE is the only one that is officially supported by the game (as seen on ARESPEAR line of Konami gaming PCs – also on Lightning arcade cabs), some ASIO-capable audio devices are known to work, with some hacks.

Also, this is about using actual audio equipment that natively supports ASIO. It is not for software implementation of ASIO (e.g., FlexASIO, ASIO4ALL).

What ASIO devices are supported?

According to this article, Int24LSB is the required format. To check if this format is supported by your device, download this application, run it, select your device, press “Caps”, and see if it says Output format: Int24LSB. It should also say 44100 Hz: Supported.

If you don’t see Int24LSB, your device may have a way to change the bit width (via a knob or via driver) - you may need to configure your device to use 24-bit and run the tool again. If there is no way to enable Int24LSB, then your device won’t work.

Check this page for compatibility reports from users.

!!! Warning !!!

  • As mentioned above, you should not bother with software solutions like FlexASIO and ASIO4ALL, you’re wasting your time. Those drivers are converters that receive ASIO from the game and translates into other formats (WDM, WASAPI shared/exclusive, etc) for your sound card, which introduces additional latency, which defeats the ENTIRE purpose of enabling this for the game. If your sound card / DAC doesn’t natively support ASIO, this page is not for you.
  • ASIO makes very little perceivable difference when compared to WASAPI exclusive mode. In fact, on some audio devices, WASAPI exclusive mode may result in lower end-to-end latency than ASIO. This will depend on your hardware.
  • When in ASIO mode, most hardware will not have any way to record the audio, which would be a problem if you like to stream using OBS or share screens using Discord, etc.
  • Some games (rhythm games or not) may not work correctly with high-end audio gear.
  • On Asus Xonar AE, you might run into some minor issues like latency being higher than expected, or sound occasionally cutting out. It is assumed that on Lightning Cab and/or ARESPEAR gaming PCs, they are using a specific revision of the sound card with (potentially) custom drivers.


  1. Launch PowerShell as administrator.
  2. Run Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass which allows you to run arbitrary PowerShell scripts. See here for details on PowerShell ExecutionPolicy.
  3. Download the script:
  4. Run the script as administrator; pick 3 (copy script file to game directory and set to new script path (recommended)). This will install the script to your game directory.
  5. Launch Infinitas through the browser as usual - but instead of the game being launched, a PowerShell prompt will appear; pick 3 (ASIO).
    1. Note: if you choose #3, you skip the launcher… which means you skip the update check. You’ll want to occasionally run the launcher so that you can download patches.
  6. (If you have an ASIO-compatible sound card that isn’t Asus Xonar AE)
    • You need to lie to Infinitas that your device is Asus Xonar AE.
    • Follow instructions here to modify the registry. You’ll need to manually create a copy of your ASIO device’s key under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ASIO and name it as “XONAR SOUND CARD(64)”, keeping the original CLSID.


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