Welcome to iidx.org - a guide for beatmania IIDX

This is a guide written for beatmania IIDX intended for players of all skill level.

This is part of an effort to provide a friendly introduction to the game for the English-speaking audience. Too much of English-language IIDX content is:

  • not friendly to beginners new to the game,
  • too verbose, documenting the entire history of IIDX instead of focusing on the current version,
  • extremely outdated, or
  • locked up behind walled-garden communities like members-only websites and Discord servers

This guide aims to resolve these issues by pulling from various established resources written in other languages (mostly Japanese and Korean), with a bit of original English content as well. References will be provided whenever possible.

The guide assumes that you are either playing on:

  • beatmania IIDX Infinitas
  • beatmania IIDX 31 EPOLIS

Infinitas-specific sections will be denoted with [INF], and arcade-specific sections will have [AC].

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