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Advanced Options Menu

Table of contents
  1. Offset adjustment
  2. Timing display (FAST/SLOW)
  3. JUDGE display
  4. Gauge visibility
  5. Lane divider visibility
  6. References

blue menu screen

This screen is officially known as the advanced options menu, colloquially known as the “blue menu”. It can be accessed from the options menu by pressing VEFX Change button. Be careful not to press EFFECT ON as that would revert you back to the basic options menu, losing some of your settings.

There are many items in this section, but this page will only cover the commonly used options recommended for beginners. For full details, check out official BISTROVER detail options page.

Offset adjustment

offset adjustment screen

You can adjust the visual (draw) offset to compensate for the display. If you are getting too many FASTs, increase this value. If you are getting too many SLOWs, decrease this value.

It is not possible to adjust audio offset in this game, as it is key-sounded.

Timing display (FAST/SLOW)

timing display screen

Setting this to anything other than OFF will show a FAST or SLOW sign when you get a judge other than PGREAT. Keep this on.

JUDGE display

JUDGE display option

This enables the JUDGE display, which shows you real time count of PGREAT, GREAT, GOOD, BAD, and POOR. It is recommended that you always keep this on.

Gauge visibility

gauge visibility screen

gauge that is partially hidden

If you find the groove gauge distracting during gameplay, you can set this to Type B or Type C to partially hide it from your view.

Lane divider visibility

lane divider visibility

If you find the “zebra” pattern between the lanes distracting, you can use this option to reduce the brightness of the background.


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