On 4-5 trill, 6-7 trill, and butterfly denim (by SOMORI)

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This is a translation of an article by DJ SOMORI, originally written in Korean.

Table of contents
  1. Introduction
  2. 4-5 Trill
  3. 6-7 Trill
  4. 47-56 (Butterfly Denim)
  5. Q&A


I will explain in terms of 1P player using 1048.

I know every player has struggled with single-hand trills (especially 4-5 and 6-7 trills), so I decided to write about how to get good at them. I hope this article will be helpful.

I recorded some videos which show you how to hit them; focus on position and movement of my wrist.

4-5 Trill

When you hit a 4-5 trill, it is important to rock your wrist up and down.

Pushing your hand away from your body & upward to hit 5, and pulling your hand towards you & downward to hit 4.

Using this “snapping” motion of your wrist and moving your hand like above will allow you to hit 4-5 trills with less effort and with more power, compared to hitting them with just your fingers.

6-7 Trill

When you hit 6-7 trills, it is important to tilt your wrist to left and right.

When pressing 6, hit it as you normally would. When pressing 7, tilt your wrist outward, using the rotational movement to hit with force.

For 7, most people would use their ring finger or pinky, but those fingers lack independent movement and relatively weak compared to other fingers. Therefore, it is especially important to make full use of your wrist’s rotational movement to hit it.

Early in the video I’m using just my fingers; latter half uses more wrist movement.

47-56 (Butterfly Denim)

Now we are getting into more advanced topics.

In this case, you cannot use the method which I explained in the second section, so it is important to use the method which I explained in the first section.

That being said, this denim requires a high level of muscle independence than either techniques discussed above, so you’ll need to practice this a lot.

As you can see in early part of the video, you should be able to hit the denim just with finger movements (without wrist movements) so that you can use them without hesitation when playing songs.



Question: Is it necessary to use snapping / tilting movement of the wrist?

SOMORI: I think not doing so would put strain on your finger joints.


SGH: How to increase finger independencies?


P.ACID: Read this link for basics. (TL note: this one’s to be translated for DP players)


P.ACID: The reason why butterfly stream is hard to hit is that it demands muscle independence between index and thumb, and between middle and ring (or pinky). This is why it’s complicated.

SOMORI: Learning to play crappy randoms instead of restarting them would also be helpful.

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