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Starting the game

Table of contents
  1. [INF] Setting up Infinitas
  2. [AC] Playing the arcade game for the first time
    1. Get an eamusement card
    2. Scan your card on the IIDX machine
    3. Create a player profile
    4. Mode Select
    5. (Optional) Create a Konami account and link your eamusement card
  3. References

[INF] Setting up Infinitas

Infinitas is a home version that can be played on Windows PCs. It requires a monthly subscription.

bemanistyle on OTAQUEST has a very good article on how to sign up for an account, pay for the subscription fee, and setting up the game.

[AC] Playing the arcade game for the first time

Get an eamusement card

eamuse card

An eamusement card is used to save your profile. If your arcade has official eamusement service, they will almost always carry the cards at the front desk - just ask for “Konami card” or “eamuse card”. They will usually cost between $5 to $10 USD.

You’ll probably want to get the latest one that has the new Amusement IC logo, which is compatible with a wide variety of networked games, not just Konami. But the old eamusement cards will still work on IIDX.

Other cards with Amusement IC logo will work as well; namely, new versions of Aime, BANAPASS, and NESiCA cards will also work.

It is recommended that you jot down the card number on the back, just in case you lose it AND it isn’t connected to a Konami account.

Scan your card on the IIDX machine

Scan your card on the green highlighted area.

On lightning model cabinet:

lightning model

On regular cabinets:

new old cabs

On really old regular cabinets:

old old cabs

Create a player profile

After you tap your card, the game will make you go through the play data creation process. No need to insert money just yet! You can press the “EFFECT ON/OFF” button to change the language to English, if it isn’t set to English already.

TOS page

Use the turntable to move the selection to Agree, and tap on a white key (one of 4 keys at the bottom row) to confirm.

PIN setup

Using the numpad (or the touch screen on lightning model), enter a 4-digit PIN that you want to use for this card. Enter it again to confirm. You’ll be using this PIN every time you use this card.

Mode Select

If it’s your first time playing, STANDARD mode is recommended. (Some people recommend Step Up for beginners, but for your very first day of playing, Standard is better).

Turn the turntable to change selection, and press a white key to confirm.

mode select

Once you select it, the game will ask you to insert credits - do that. It will ask you if you want to play the tutorial - you should try it.

You can do this later - it is not a requirement to have a Konami account to play using the card.

It is recommended that you create a Japanese account, and not an English-language international account. Only Japanese accounts are able to make full use of eamusement - such as paying for eamuse basic subscription (more features), linking profiles with eamusement cloud services, participating in KAC events, and so on.

Follow the steps here on remywiki with some help from Google Translate. You’ll want to create a Japanese account and link your eamusement card number to your account. Note that the card can be freely unlinked and re-linked to different accounts at a later date.

If you already linked your card to a non-Japanese Konami account, don’t fret; you can always unlink and re-link to a Japanese account.


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