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Score Calculation

Table of contents
  1. Judgement
    1. Excessive POOR (空POOR)


The following judgement is possible for each note:

  • PGREAT (perfect great)
  • GOOD
  • BAD
  • POOR

Each charge note (same for hell charge note) count as two notes - one in the beginning, one at the end. Using LEGACY option turns that into just one in the beginning.

For timing windows, refer to this page.

Excessive POOR (空POOR)

Excessive POOR is a POOR that happens when you press a button again, right after the note was already processed (including BAD). To calculate:



EX score is the only scoring system in the game, as of Bistrover. It’s rules are simple:

  • PGREAT gives you 2 points.
  • GREAT gives you 1 point.


DJ level on the result screen is calculated using EX-SCORE, compared to the theoretical maximum score possible for the chart. If you take the ratio (EX_SCORE / MAX), you can see what grade you will get:

Grade EX score ratio Percentage
AAA 8/9 or above >= 88.89%
AA 7/9 or above >= 77.78%
A 6/9 or above >= 66.67%
B 5/9 or above >= 55.56%
C 4/9 or above >= 44.44%
D 3/9 or above >= 33.33%
E 2/9 or above >= 22.22%
F Under 2/9 < 22.22%

You will often hear people talk about scores relative to a grade, for example, “AA-3” to mean 3 points under the AA requirement, or “AAA+10” to mean 10 points above the AAA requirement.

If you get 8.5/9 (94.44%) or higher, it is considered a MAX- score. While MAX- is not a rating displayed on the result screen, it does show up in other parts of the interface, and you will hear about players refer to scores in this way.

To put things in to perspective, as of May 2021:

  • All SP top scores are MAX-, except DIAVOLO and Mare Nectaris which are AAA.
  • All DP top scores have AAA or above, except Mare Nectaris.