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Table of contents
  1. General
    1. BemaniWiki 2nd (Japanese)
    2. textage (Japanese)
    3. IIDX tier list ( (Korean)
    4. (English)
    5. statistik (English)
    6. remywiki (English)
    7. FOV Calculator (English)
    8. Z-i-v Arcade locator (English)
  2. SP
    1. SP12 (Japanese)
    2. CPI Clear Power Indicator (Japanese)
    3. the-safari (Japanese)
    4. at-wiki bemani2sp11 (Japanese)
    5. SP12 Twitter (Japanese)
    6. Hand position / playstyle generator HTML5 version (Japanese)
  3. DP
    1. ereter’s dp laboratory (English)
    2. lamp table using data (Korean)
    3. DP Unofficial Tier Table (Japanese)
    4. IIDX DP International Terms (English / Japanese / Korean)
  4. Top Rankers
    1. Rekidai twitter account (Japanese)
    2. Rekidai spreadsheet (Japanese)
  5. Tools
    1. chatter-cli (English)
    2. 2dx_training for iOS (Japanese)
    3. IIDX Input Capturer (Japanese)
    4. BeatCounter (Japanese)


BemaniWiki 2nd (Japanese)

De facto standard place for all BEMANI related information. owes a lot to BemaniWiki.

textage (Japanese)

Database of viewable IIDX charts, past and present, SP and DP, AC and CS.

IIDX tier list ( (Korean)

Replacement for (which is no longer maintained). This one is being actively updated. Tier lists for SP12H/SP12/SP11H, DP12/11/10. (English)

Score tracker that pulls data from e-amusement.

statistik (English)

User-submitted difficulty rating for charts. Useful for seeing what options other people used. Ratings aren’t super helpful - use other tier lists from below.

remywiki (English)

Remywiki is a wiki for all things BEMANI related. Lots of useful historical information there.

FOV Calculator (English)

This is used to calculate FOV values for various racing games, but it can also be used to figure out the screen distance for your home IIDX / BMS setup, in case your monitor is smaller or larger than cab monitors.

For example, Lightning Model cabs have (approximately) 42” monitor at 67cm away from bottom edge of the control deck, which gives RBR value of 0.960. To get an equivalent experience with a 32” monitor, you would put the screen at 51cm away.

Z-i-v Arcade locator (English)

An interactive map of arcades worldwide.


SP12 (Japanese)

Tier list and lamp tracker for SP 12 normal gauge, hard gauge, and ex-hard gauge. Frequently updated. You must create an account to enter your lamps.

CPI Clear Power Indicator (Japanese)

Tier lists based on official eamuse statistics. This one stands out for having tiers for easy gauge / ex-hard gauge / full combo.

the-safari (Japanese)

Japanese blog on improving SP skills. Extremely valuable information.

at-wiki bemani2sp11 (Japanese)

Up-to-date list of tiers for SP 11/12 normal/hard clear tiers, with additional notes on pattern type (BSS, CN, zure, etc). Use the menu on the left to navigate between tables.

SP12 Twitter (Japanese)

Updates from 5ch IIDX 12 difficulty rating thread, also posts Twitter polls.

Hand position / playstyle generator HTML5 version (Japanese)

HTML5 version of the Flash animation used to generate hand position diagrams.


ereter’s dp laboratory (English)

Score tracking, lamp tracking, and top ranker tracker for DP players. You must have 10th dan and above on official eamuse to import your scores.

lamp table using data (Korean)

Uses your information to generate a tier table with lamps colored in.

DP Unofficial Tier Table (Japanese)

Website for rating DP charts. This is the de facto standard place for DP tiers.

IIDX DP International Terms (English / Japanese / Korean)

link to Google Doc

Common terminology for DP.

Top Rankers

Rekidai twitter account (Japanese)

Twitter account for SP top score updates. Not a bot!

Rekidai spreadsheet (Japanese)

Link to Google Sheet

Currently the de facto standard place for keeping track of all time high scores for SP 12s, after the shutdown of


chatter-cli (English)

Tool for testing switches in controllers and keyboards.

2dx_training for iOS (Japanese)

iOS app for SP and DP training, generating random chords for practice.

IIDX Input Capturer (Japanese)

Visualizer for key presses, designed to work with Konami official controllers.

BeatCounter (Japanese)


Another visualizer for key presses, this one is much simpler, works well with Dao controllers.

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