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Table of contents
  1. Abandoning scratches
  2. Anmitsu conversion and concept of counter-anmitsu
    1. Example: Nemesis DPA
  3. Scratch with note nearby (adjacent scratch / near scratch)
  4. How to practice impossible scratches
    1. Examples

Written by Horie, practice chart curation by P.ACID, suggestions from DJ HURJUB

Abandoning scratches

革命 DPA /w FLIP 1M

Ideally, you would hit all of the notes in the chart above. That being said, if you don’t have the confidence to do that, it may be a better to abandon a few scratches and focus on the others.

Anmitsu conversion and concept of counter-anmitsu

超青少年ノ為ノ超多幸ナ超古典的超舞曲 SPL, anmitsu conversion ( Before / After )

Anmitsu means to simplify patterns to make them easier to hit. It sacrifices timing but makes you clear songs easier by decreasing BP.

革命 DPA /w FLIP 1M, counter-anmitsu conversion ( Before / After )

The concept of counter-anmitsu is to tear a chord apart and process them as separate notes.

This strategy makes you find out how to deal with impossible patterns.

NEMESIS DPA /w FLIP 1M, combined conversion ( Before / After )

Also, you can use both to simplify charts.

Example: Nemesis DPA

(Starts at 0:55 into the video)

Above is a slow motion version of that segment.

Scratch with note nearby (adjacent scratch / near scratch)

You should move your entire hand to the turntable and return from it quickly when you deal with impossible patterns. If you know how to hit S+note combinations in SP, some patterns might be easier to handle (e.g., S+1+2+3 on 1P).

千年ノ理 DPA

You can use your pinky on the turntable, and use the thumb to hit 1 or 2. You can also use your index to hit 2 but using a thumb is probably better.

Due to the distance from thumb to pinky, the thumb has a wider range, so it’s a bit more consistent than using the index finger.

Cheer Train DPA

Even if you meet an S+1,3 chord in DP, becha press (aka TAKA.S style from SP) is much better to use.

How to practice impossible scratches

You can practice songs which have this gimmick, but it could be better to focus on adjacent scratches and hand landing first.

Landing (touch down) means moving your hand to the turntable, turning it, and quickly returning to the buttons. This sequence should be done as fast as you can, and your hand should be precisely placed on the buttons.


Summer Vacation(CU mix)

… may be helpful to learn how.

The theory is that because the turntable takes longer to process than button presses (in terms of input latency), it’s better to turn the turntable first and then to hit the butotns, as opposed to vice versa.


Here are some songs which have this gimmick.

Level 10

  • Happy Wedding(A)
  • outer wall(A)
  • QQQ(N)

Level 11

  • empathy(H)
  • Giudecca(A)
  • IXION(A) (only a small section applies)
  • Radical Faith(H)
  • RESONATE 1794(H)
  • route 80s(H)
  • Schlagwerk(H)
  • Silvia Drive(A) (only a short section applies)
  • Voltage(feat. Hidemaru)(H)

Level 12

  • DXY!(H)
  • garden(A)
  • route 80s(A)
  • stoic(A)
  • Summer Vacation(CU mix)(H)
  • Usual Days-remix(A)
  • 桜(A)

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