Konami eamusement Maintenance Hours

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  1. Regular daily maintenance
  2. Extended monthly maintenance
  3. Notes
  4. References

There are two scheduled maintenance types:

Regular daily maintenance

Every day, 5AM to 7AM JST

This translates to:

  • PST: noon - 2pm (1pm - 3pm during Daylight Saving)
  • EST: 3pm - 5pm (4pm - 6pm during Daylight Saving)

All of the following will be unavailable:

  • eamusement website
  • eamusement cloud games (Infinitas) *1 see note below
  • Japan and Asian region arcade cabinets *2 see note below


  1. Korean Infinitas service does not have daily maintenance hours for some reason.
  2. Although it’s not mentioned anywhere officially, on Saturday & Sunday mornings (JST), Japan and Asian arcade cabinets are still playable and do not go through maintenance. This would translate to Friday & Saturday afternoons in the US.

At American Round 1 locations, Lightning Model cabinets are in the US region, so they are exempt from this. It is speculated that the maintenance happens while all American Round 1 stores are closed. Legacy cabinets are in Japan region and still subject to this window.

Extended monthly maintenance

Third Tuesdays of the month, from 2AM to 7AM JST.

  • PST: Monday 9am - 2pm (10am - 3pm during Daylight Saving)
  • EST: Monday noon - 5pm (1pm - 6pm during Daylight Saving)

If it falls on a national holiday in Japan, it gets moved to the next day.

This applies to all regions, for both arcade and EACloud versions. No exceptions here.


During maintenance hours, IIDX will run in maintenance mode. You cannot card in, and it will be in a special maintenance mode that only lets you pick from a small pool of songs.

Although US region cabinets do not go through daily maintenance, typically, new content (unlocks, events) appear after the Japanese maintenance window.

Fairly often, the maintenance ends a few minutes before the scheduled time, but don’t bet on it.

There is a twitter bot that will provide you with reminders of extended maintenance.


Official Konami page

bemaniwiki on emamusement service

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