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Getting Started FAQ

Table of contents
  1. Which side should I be playing on - 1P or 2P?
  2. What hi-speed setting should I be using?

This is an FAQ for the absolute beginners, playing level 1-5 charts.

Which side should I be playing on - 1P or 2P?

Pick whatever side you feel more comfortable with! Feel free to experiment.

Usually, the non-dominant hand is used to scratch, as you want your dominant hand to cover more of the buttons. This means most right-handed players prefer 1P side.

Once you pick a side though, stick with it. Learning to switch sides later on is very difficult.

What hi-speed setting should I be using?

Use whatever is the most comfortable for you. The default speed is way too slow for anyone. If you are new to the rhythm game genre, you might want to stick with lower speeds. If you are familiar with other vertical scrolling rhythm games, you’ll probably want to match what you are used to.

Eventually, you’ll want to switch over to floating hi-speed so that you can fine-tune the scroll speed, but for now, you can stick to the default hi-speed modifier which is BPM-independent. (This wasn’t always the case! In older versions, the default hi-speed option was always BPM dependent, which means you had to fiddle with speed modifier for every song)

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