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This is a translation of an article by DJ SOMORI, originally written in Korean.

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When you find your green number, you usually adjust it to match when you are at peak condition. This means that, using the same green number, you may feel that the note speed is way too fast when you play your first credit.

Personally, I adjust my eyes by playing my favorite low-BPM and low-level songs.

I also play scratch songs that do not have high BPM, such as:

  • SAMURAI-Scramble
  • naughty girl@Queen’s Palace
  • NO LIMIT -オレ達に限界は無い-
  • Theory

to warm up my body without putting too much strain on my fingers.

Once you warm up your body, you get your eyes adjusted, and there is less risk of getting injury, so I often play scratch songs as part of my warm up.

On or around my third credit, I play whatever I want.



Question: What about Wonder Bullfighter?

SOMORI: Not bad if you get used to playing it.


Question: What about Dynamite?

SOMORI: Fine but the notes are too fast, so maybe too much for the fingers.


P.ACID: Agreed. There is a huge difference between warming up and not warming up, do it for your health.

Uraraka: Seconded, I do well when I warm up with Digitank System.

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