Touch screen monitor for rhythm games

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  1. Touch screen monitors
    1. Dell S2240T
    2. Dell S2340T (S2340Tt)
    3. Dell P2314T
    4. Dell P2418HT
    5. Iiyama T2336MSC
    6. Philips 242B9T
    7. ViewSonic TD2223 / TD2423 / TD2423D (IR touch monitor)

Please consider this a bonus page, unrelated to IIDX. This is a page saved from another website that no longer exists, but the information is too valuable.

Touch screen monitors

Here is a list of small-ish (20”-27”) touch screen monitors and their sample rate (poll time) measured with mouserate application.

You want at least 200Hz for fast-paced rhythm games to be playable, but in reality, higher the better. For general application usage, you want something around 100Hz for a good tablet-like experience, but 60Hz is acceptable if you are not too picky.

Note that this is just based on user data, there is no guarantee that a model manufactured on a certain date uses a specific touch controller - your mileage may vary. It is also not a recommendation for or against these monitors; there are many more aspects to consider other than just poll rate, such as number of simultaneous touches, ability to correctly recognizes taps/holds/swipes, and drivers / software compatibility, etc. Your best best is to ask around the community and get recommendations for specific games that you want to play.

And of course, IR touch sensors are also a thing, but they are not covered here. Most of them are not all that great, as they are designed for industrial use, not for gaming.

Dell S2240T

  • 2013 Manufacturing Date: (Unknown month) 200Hz
  • 2014 Manufacturing Date:
    • May: 200Hz
    • September: 180Hz
  • 2015 Manufacturing Date:
    • February: 200Hz
    • March: 200Hz
    • September: 200Hz
  • Late 2016 Manufacturing Date: 140Hz
  • Early 2017 Manufacturing Date: 180Hz
  • Mid 2017 Manufacturing Date: 140Hz
  • February 2018 Manufacturing Date: 180Hz

Dell S2340T (S2340Tt)

  • Oct 2012 Manufacturing Date: 180Hz

Dell P2314T

  • November 2015 Manufacturing Date: 60Hz

Dell P2418HT

  • May 2018 Manufacturing Date: 60Hz

Iiyama T2336MSC

  • Revision B1: 180Hz

Philips 242B9T

  • August 2021: 130Hz

ViewSonic TD2223 / TD2423 / TD2423D (IR touch monitor)

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